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"I've seen hundreds of hypnosis shows, you are easily one of the best"
         ~Mike Morse - Stage Tech, V Theater Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

“Buzz, thanks for making our conference one of the most memorable ever!!”
         ~Shirley Fiddess – Century 21, Syracuse, NY


"Your impact was simply brilliant. As an MC you are clearly at ease and a genius at
what you do but your hypnosis show was by far the best part of our day. I've never
laughed so hard in my life. You managed to allow us to break down some barriers and
enjoy our colleagues in a way that's not obvious on a regular day to day operation of
such a big organization. For your part in this highly successful day, I applaud you with
the highest regard."     
          ~Julie Jarvo - St. Lawrence Parks Commission – Ontario, Canada

"Buzz gave us more laughs than we’ve ever experienced at any of our company
functions!! Will definitely book him again!!"
          ~Terri Fallon - 3M/Treo Solutions, Troy, NY

"Faced with an audience of IT folk, Buzz rose to the challenge and was a smash hit!
Tasteful and appropriate for the crowd, but still delivered with an edge!!”
          ~Darryl Salisbury - Enterprise Program, SaskPower, Regina, Canada

"Absolutely hilarious!! More than any of us anticipated! Perhaps one of the most
entertaining nights at Crackers, ever! Thanks Buzz!"
          ~Cam Zoller - Crackers, Saskatoon, Canada

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